Nutrition Policy

We are very much aware of the importance of establishing healthy eating habits within our child care centre.  Snack menus are planned in advance and food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced. Our aim is to provide nutritious snacks, avoiding the intake of food and drink containing sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colorings.


We will provide children a morning nutritious snack. For afternoon snack children will eat any left over items in their lunch and we will supplement it if needed. Water, juice or milk drinks will also be provided at these snack times.


Lunch food and drink is to be provided by the parents/guardians and we will make sure that it is a nutritious meal. If the child arrives with no drink for lunch time, we will provide water. At lunch time children are required to eat the healthier portions of their lunch before the less healthy portions. This is to promote healthy and appropriate eating habits. Please do not send food that your child does not like or that your child has not “tried” before.


In the event of a “rushed” morning, parents/guardians are welcome to bring the child’s breakfast food to the centre to allow the child to eat breakfast at the daycare. Breakfast is a very important meal that no child should miss!


Hard candies and peanuts should not be included in lunches because of their choking possibilities. In addition, hot dogs and grapes need to be cut length-wise also to prevent choking. We thank you for your cooperation.



A microwave is available for heating up warm lunches (please try not to send warm-ups in the summer, often we will picnic away from home) and any food allergies or dietary concerns will be adhered to. Parents of children with dietary concerns/allergies may be required to provide ample food and/or drink for their child for the entire day (2 snacks and lunch) if it is not feasible for me to supply appropriate foods and/or drinks.


Attempting to be as environmentally friendly as possible we would like to encourage parents/guardians to pack their children’s’ lunches in reusable containers, and use reusable drink containers. We also recycle all paper, tin, glass, plastic products and tetra pack products.


Throughout the day water drinks are available for the children as needed. At all times during drinking and eating, children are required to be seated (at table or on couch) and not engaged in any play activity. This is to ensure safety (choking etc…) and to promote appropriate eating/drinking habits. Under no circumstances will young children be allowed to walk around or play with bottles in their mouths. Pacifiers are encouraged for use at nap time only and if your child requires a bottle at nap it will be given to him or her before they get in bed. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to go to sleep with bottles in bed. This is also to ensure safety (choking etc.) and to prevent dental problems.

Burnaby Panda Paradise Childcare Centre